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Trademark Usage Policy

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Trademark Usage Policy

This trademark policy will provide a detailed and accurate view of the JetApps’ trademark and brand, bringing unity and integrity to our identity.


The JetApps’ brand should:

– Provide uniformity and clarity throughout the hosting industry.
– Increase the value of each JetApps Partner.
– Maintain JetApps’ position as the leading provider of data backup, migration, and replication software.
– Reinforce JetApps’ promise to provide excellent software and customer service.


We want JetApps to be:

The leading provider of data backup, migration, and replication software.


The characteristics of our brand include:

Dependable, Professional, Hospitable, Reliable, Loyal, Secure



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Primary Color Palette, Proper Logo Usage:

Please download the JetApps Brand Guideline at the following link for more information on acceptable use of brand colors and logos:

JetApps Brand Guidelines