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New JetBackup Features

Hourly Backups

Now you can create a special job that will back up your accounts on an hourly basis. This is a must have for websites with constantly changing data!

Jobs Per Reseller/Package

Provide added value to your hosting clients by enabling backups per cPanel package, or charge extra for packages that have backup functionality enabled to add more revenue to your hosting company!


Backup Job Rating

Predict how well your backup job will perform. Rating system will detect remote destinations with bad connections or very high IO latency and will report back. Make your backup job as efficient as possible!

Our Products

Backup, Restore, Migrate and Replicate Your Data!




isometric_icons_Incremental Remote Backups


Remote Backups


We harness the power of hardlinks to use less space while backing up accounts. After your first full backup future backups will only take up space from changed files.

isometric_icons_Multiple Destinations




Schedule as many backups you want to multiple supported backup destinations including local backups, remote SSH, remote FTP, Amazon S3 and Dropbox!

isometric_icons_Single File Restore


File Restore


Self Restore GUI for WHM and cPanel users allows you to simply restore single files like emails, databases, cron jobs, etc. with a touch of a button!

isometric_icons_Sell Backup Services


Backup Services


Using the Jet Backup Manager whmcs module you can easily create backup products for your clients and link them to their existing hosting accounts.

isometric_icons_Migrate Multiple Accounts


Migrate Multiple Accounts


Jet Mirgrate will scan your entire server looking for all accounts available to be split into their own cPanel account.  You then can select multiple addon and sub domains to migrate into their own cPanel accounts.

icon_Auto Detection


Auto Detection


Jet Migrate will automatically recognize known systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. and will modify the data structure accordingly based on the known system to assure it works properly in its new account environment.

icon_Detailed Reports


Detailed Reports


You will be provided with a detailed report of all the accounts migrated to their new location. If an account fails to migrate you are notified and can simply re-run just your failed migration account.

icon_Detailed Reports copy


Migrate to Remote Servers


Migrate addon and sub domains to a remote server.  Jet Migrate only needs to be installed on the local server and not the remote destination server.

isometric_icons_true replication


True Replication


We have developed our own proprietary replication protocol to transfer data between 2 cPanel accounts on separate servers.

isometric_icons_easy installation


Easy Installation


Installing and configuring JetSync is a breeze.  You will be up and running in less than 15 minutes!

isometric_icons_Automatic Failover


Automatic Failover


Your domain will seamlessly transfer to your backup server keeping your website online with no downtime.

isometric_icons_low cost


Low Cost


Most replication services are hundreds of dollars and very unstable.  Our service is extremely affordable and has been significantly tested and proven to be stable.

Start Selling Backup Services Today!

Use the Jet Backup Manager WHMCS module to easily create backup products for your clients and link them to existing hosting accounts.  This WHMCS module will calculate the amount of backup space used and create an invoice directly inside your WHMCS client area.

Find out more

Product Pricing

  • JetBackup
    • $ 3.95 per month
    • Incremental Remote Backups
      Multiple Destinations Supported
      Single File Restore
      Includes WHMCS Module to Sell Backups
      Create and Run Multiple
      Backup Jobs Simultaneously
    • Buy Now
  • JetMigrate
    • $ 3.95 per month
    • Split Multiple Accounts all at Once
      Auto Detection of Known Systems
      (WordPress, etc.)
      Detailed Reporting of Migration Results
      Split Accounts to Remote Servers
      Use feature in WHM or
      cPanel interface
    • Buy Now
  • JetClone
    • $ 9.95 per domain
    • Proprietary Replication Protocol
      Installation and Configuration under
      15 minutes!
      Auto-Failover to ensure no downtime
      Low Cost High Quality Solution
      Easy to use GUI!
    • Coming Soon
  • WHMCS Server Monitoring
    • $ 1.50 per month
    • Monitor servers from within WHMCS
      Power On / Power Off / Reboot Servers
      Comprehensive notification system
      Automatic reaction system
      Uptime server reports
    • Buy Now
  • WHMCS Ticket Tasks
    • $ 1.95 per month
    • Assign future tasks to a ticket
      No need for any template changes
      Fully integrated into WHMCS’s tickets system
      Send predefined reply
      Changes: Status / Notes / Bump
    • Buy Now
  • WHMCS VM Manager
    • $ 1.95 per month
    • Manage virtual machine from client area
      API for customized server plugins
      Reduce support tickets for server reboots
      Suspend / Unsuspend services
      WHMCS full template integration
    • Buy Now

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Here’s what our clients say about us.

"Support Team is Incredible!"

I was blown away at how fast the tech support team responded to my ticket! JetApps gets an A+ from me!


Cristian P

"Love the Single File Restore!"

JetBackup has saved me lots of time and money with all of its features. The single file restore is brilliant!


Dustin K

"Backups My Way!"

JetBackup gives you the ability to customize so many different backup settings... love it!


Mark L

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