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WHM Auto Backup

WHM Auto Backup


JetBackup is’s leading solution when it comes to cPanel and WHM backups. This easy-to-use program is your solution when it comes to backing up website content, databases, emails, cPanel accounts, SSL certificates, and more. The software comes with a WHM backup plugin that is sure to keep you from thinking that backup jobs take a lot of time and tedious effort.

how to backup whm

Why back up websites? This is because losing valuable data can happen anytime, via a number of possible ways. As website owners, you do not want this to happen because it will mean building up websites again, starting from scratch. As server owners or resellers, you also do not want this to happen because the trust and confidence your clients have with you will be lost. This is why backing up data is not only very useful, but a necessity in today’s digital age.


If you’re thinking of how to backup WHM and cPanel accounts, then look no further than JetBackup. In the software, you have a number of options to choose from when backing up, such as what type of backup jobs you want (full accounts, files and folders, email accounts, etc.). You can also schedule backups to happen automatically, at a predetermined time and date. Aside from that you can choose to backup multiple files to multiple locations, including remote FTP, locally, Amazon S3, and Dropbox, thanks to the auto WHM backup script that proves the practicality and usefulness of this software.


The graphical user interface (GUI) of the software is so easy to navigate that it doesn’t require someone with a whole lot of technical knowledge to operate it. The different icons and drop-down menus are self-explanatory, which includes not only the various options, but also logs, billing summaries, settings, permissions, and more.


Manual backups are also possible with JetBackup, for those who don’t prefer auto backups. However, forgetting to back up happens often with other website owners, so we strongly recommend that you set an automatic backup schedule so that data is backed up periodically.


Restoring is also an ease with our software, because like backing up WHM, restoring options can easily be found in the GUI. You can restore multiple accounts and select the specific account to restore from the drop down menu of the full backup date.


JetBackup also has “snapshots,” which is a tool to create a quick backup for a specific account, provided that the account was previously fully backed up.


This software makes backing up an easy task, especially when you set it to back up automatically. You need not worry about your website or the accounts and you can have peace knowing that the things you worked hard for are stored somewhere safe.


In order to test if this product really works (if you are still skeptical or want to see for yourself), try the demo found in the website. We also offer a one week, money back guarantee for those who purchase a license.