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We love CLI – Utilizing JetBackup’s CLI

We love CLI – Utilizing JetBackup’s CLI

Why do Experts prefer CLI?

CLI or Command Line Interface is not generally preferred by the average user of any application. The long string of commands and the need to literally memorize syntax’s often intimidates users. Well, truth is, with little effort one can easily get accustomed to the basic commands. Experts, on the other hand, prefer CLI since it gets the desired results much faster and can also be used to script and automate complex tasks.

JetBackup includes CLI

JetBackup has included a CLI, better known as JETCLI. It allows the users to automate administration tasks. This article will give you a brief overview of some commands that you may employ to manage your application.

So, here is the list of commands with their meanings, which will be helpful to understand and exhibit the benefits of JETCLI.

Show help screen:   This will show the help screen and list the commands as shown below.

Command:    jetcli backup –help

-v, --verbose                  to increase verbosity
-f, --force                    no action prompt and to force commands
-g, --flag                     to flag clearcache
-P, --page                     to access page you want. Example:
--page backupmanager::jobs
-V, --view                     to access the page view you want (for view or edit).
example --view manage or -V manage
-A, --action                   to perform the action you want on the selected page.
example -A runnow or --action runnow
-I, --id                       the item ID to perform the action you provided,
example -I 17 or --id 17
-R, --run                      to execute the command you want,
example -R jobs or --run jobs
-U, --username                 the account name you want to run the command for,
example -U myaccount or --username myaccount
-D, --data                     to pass the data to the selected page and view.
example --data "{\"key\":\"value\"}" or -D "{\"key\":\"value\"}"
-j                             this flag is used if you want to get the response output in a JSON format
--version                      prints the current JetBackup version
--help                         shows help with the list of commands.

Clear Cache:   This manually clears the indexing cache (and re-cache all backups)


$ jetcli backup -vfR clearcache

List accounts from Command Line:    It lists all accounts on the server.


$ jetcli backup -P backupmanager::listaccounts

List all backup Jobs:     It lists all the backup jobs on the server.


 $ jetcli backup -P backupmanager::jobs

Restore Accounts:    To restore any account easily from the server’s CLI instead of using JBM GUI.


$ jetcli backup -P backupmanager::listaccounts::backups::full -U accountname


To manually run a backup job:To manually execute a backup job from command line.


$ jetcli backup -P backupmanager::jobs