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Partner Application

Become A JetApps Partner Today!

Take a moment and fill out the form.

Once submitted, information will be provided to you needed to continue forward with the application process.

Important issues:

1. How many active JetApps product licenses do you currently have?

2. Please briefly describe your current Data Center or Colocation arrangements:

3. Do you offer/use any other data backup, migration or replication software?

4. If so, which ? (relates to question 3)

5. There are several prerequisites for becoming a JetApps Partner. An initial monthly commitment of $250.00 USD and a one time deposit of $250.00 USD. Are you able to meet these prerequisites?

6. Where do you purchase your JetApps from?

7. If from a JetApps Partner, so which? (relates to question 6)

8. Can you give us some idea JetApps licenses you are projecting to sell in the next 12 months?

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