JetBackup 5 Disclosure


This is an Edge tier version of JetBackup. EDGE versions can be expected to contain bugs and might not work as intended. Those bugs might lead to data inconsistency and in rare cases even data loss. We are still testing the core functionality of some features and working to implement major and minor features before JetBackup 5 is in the BETA stage.

For those reasons, we do not suggest using EDGE released products as the only backup solution on production servers and/or relying solely on information derived from them. Please note that no official documentation for the product is available at this time and changes might occur from version to version.

JetBackup 5 can only be installed on a new instance; it cannot be installed concurrently with JetBackup 4, and there is not an upgrade path from JetBackup 4 to JetBackup 5 at this time. An upgrade path will be made available when JetBackup 5 reaches the STABLE tier.

We thank you again for your interest in trying out the EDGE tier release of JetBackup 5 and we look forward to your feedback.
Your feedback will not only help us meet the needs of your clients and company but of all hosting providers in our great community!

Best Regards,
The JetApps Team