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There where 128 Total requests on cPanel feature requests site


63 requests are already supported in JetBackup 3.2
9 requests are planned for future JetBackups releases
56 requests are not supported, yet most of them are either
a cPanel core issues which are not related to backups.


63 Features which already exist in jetBackup (v3.2)


  1. Backup Retention Based on Account
  2. As a cPanel&WHM admin I would like to limit the transfer speed of remote backups so backups do not impact other customer facing services.
  3. S3 Backup Destination – 5GB file size limit
  4. Initiate Backups from WHM Configuration
  5. Per account backup policy
  6. Limit backup time interval
  7. Show backup size on the combobox
  8. Enable Backup Logs for User-Generated cPanel Backups (backups generated by JetBackup)
  9. Backup all of etc instead of specific files
  10. Staged or staggered backups
  11. Amazon S3 Backup for Resellers
  12. Amazon S3 Bucket Naming Requirements
  13. account migration with email accounts but without emails (not migration – backup. backup jobs without emails)
  14. When a Transfer is Aborted Provide a Message Indicating the Transfer is Currently Being Aborted. (backup job aborted)
  15. Restore from AWS S3
  16. System Backup – ability to change list of backup locations
  17. Add a WHM API call to disable backups for one user (API call to JetBackup engine)
  18. Remote FTP in the new backup system should pack and upload one file at a time (we can support either one account or incremental without compression)
  19. Limit Backups by Disk Space and Inode count
  20. Multiple Daily Backups
  21. Prune backup failures per account instead of the entire backup
  22. Make option to disable symlink creation during rearrange account (YOU CAN MIGRATE OUT AS A RESELLER, BUT HAS TO HAVE ROOT FOR DESTINATION)
  23. Provide details for existing queued Backup Restoration entries
  24. wMore options in backup
  25. Backup selection for Amazon S3 transport
  26. Special account Backup ( VIP Account )
  27. Allow MYSQLBACKUP: dir set to No (SKIP MYSQL BACKUPS)
  28. De-couple backup generation and backup downloads.
  29. Ability to send backup in multiple chunks to the remote server to avoid overload local storage (INCREMENTAL REMOTE BACKUPS?)
  30. Match dedicated IP on new server when using transfer tool (DR-Clone feature)
  31. Minimum free space check after each account
  32. Backup Destination FTP with SSL/TLS support
  33. Backup management – Transfer of backup files to/from external storage box
  1. Backup All Accounts
  2. Seperate options to retain backups on different locations
  3. Backup Configuration support for IPv6 (RSYNC ONLY)
  4. Exclude files or directories from backup, depending on the type of backup (daily, weekly, monthly) – MULTIPLE JOBS WITH MULTIPLE EXCLUDES
  5. Show backup file size before downloading
  6. Option to disable backing up of databases
  7. Add user directory size info for “Backup User Selection” page
  8. Restore backup from FTP storage
  9. Add option to restore multiple accounts by size
  10. backup reporting, reporting, reporting
  11. Temporary pause backup script
  12. Add remote backup destination Dropbox
  13. Prevent WHM Back-Up from Crashing Servers / Using All Disk Space
  14. Complete Amazon S3 Backup Solution
  15. To be able to chance the backup system to use mysqldump -f
  16. Create Additional Destinations for WHM backups for resellers
  17. Add option to not backup new accounts by default
  18. Change WHM cpanel Backup to allow Database only backups
  19. Warn that no users are selected for backup
  20. Backups: Wait until account backup is finished uploading, and removed, before backing up next account.
  21. Ability to control retention for S3 Backup Destination
  22. WHM Backup for Reseller Accounts
  23. Restore multiple accounts in new backup system
  24. Real NFS support for legacy and new backup systems
  25. Option to create /daily symlink to newest changing zzzz-yy-xx backup directory when new backup runs
  26. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Backup Provider
  27. cPanel user Granular backup/restore
  28. Ability to Schedule different backup destination for daily, weekly and monthly
  29. remove backing up of emails in cpanel
  30. Restore from remote backups


9 Planned Features


  1. Restoration process to automatically resume and email me in the event that the process times out
  2. Custom S3-compatible backup locations
  3. Backups – encryption of backups (symmetric and asymmetric)
  4. Migrate portions of accounts (JetMigrate)
  5. During a Backup Run the Customer Should be Notified that his Suspended Accounts Might be Incomplete
  6. parallel processes for backup
  7. More accurate backup timestamp in cPanel
  8. Restore System Configuration Files in WHM
  9. More flexibility and options with Backup Configuration


56 Irrelevant features to Backups


  2. Add Backups to the Initial Configuration Wizard
  3. Check for existance of DNS records when transfering an account from another server
  4. Update Folder Naming Convention For Remote FTP BackUps
  5. If (legacy) backups fail, please stop FTP process – no way to know if they’re failing
  6. Change how transport logs are stored.
  7. Replace / change IPv6 in transfer tool
  8. Negative values in “Extra CPUs for server load” (NOT RELEVANT FOR JETBACKUP)
  9. Delete old remote backups before uploading new ones
  10. Stop transfer tool from making (stupid) decisions regarding mail routing
  11. Migrate IMAP mailbox to cPanel
  12. Provide SSHFS support for Backups
  13. Add option to /scripts/pkgacct to keep e-mail configuration
  14. Make option to disable symlink creation during rearrange account
  15. skip deletion of copied archive if transfer tool restore fails
  16. Add timestamp to view_transfer command line tool
  17. hubiC cloud storage backup
  18. Amazon S3 cPanel Backup Transporter Code to retry failed uploads in chunks rather than entire file.
  19. Retain authenticated transfer tool session to remote server
  20. Allow Restores via Restricted Restore to Ignore Package / Account Limits
  21. Rollback Feature for transfer tool
  22. Add option to /scripts/pkgacct to keep e-mail configuration
  23. Adjust restore account to use dsync
  24. Remove References to Previous Host from MySQL Remote Hosts when Transferring Account
  25. Option to disable disk space check when using the Transfer Tool
  26. Compress backups with xz
  27. Backup transport requeue
  28. Add the /scripts/restorepkg –ips= option in full to the Transfer Tool interface
  1. SPF in a new moved account from another server
  2. cPanel UI to configure remote backups
  3. Add Google Cloud Platform Storage as native backup remote destination
  4. Implement –skiplogs (from pkgacct) in transfer tool
  5. Amazon S3 Adjustable Chunk Size
  6. Add option to the Transfer Tool stop packaging accounts while waiting on others to restore.
  7. WHM Transfer Tool Exclude directories
  8. OpenStack support
  9. Enhanced rsync backup, daemon support
  10. pkgacct: add feature to skip database data, but not database existence
  11. cPanel & WHM to notify me upon login when backups are failing
  12. Amazon Glacier integrated into WHM as a backup option
  13. Add Amazon Cloud Drive to Backup Additional Destinations
  14. I need to set password automatic on backup .tar.gz files that moved on remote server.
  15. Each Cpanel user has password protected backup space on remote server
  16. Ability to define backup folder name format
  17. Add tarsnap as a Backup Destination
  18. password protected backups
  19. Email confirmation for remote backup transfers as well as the email after the local backups are made
  20. Auto-selecting accounts in the Transfer Tool after providing a list of accounts to transfer
  21. Account Transfer with resyncronization
  22. Add remote backup destination OpenStack Object Storage SWIFT
  23. Add remote backup destination Google Cloud Storage
  24. Allow backups transferred to Amazon S3 to specify storage class
  25. Snapshots from WHM
  26. Add remote backup destination Microsoft One Drive
  27. Add ObjSpace as backup destination
  28. Backup Configurations – Select ethernet device for remote backups