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Ma'aleh Adumim
With headquarters located in sunny San Clemente CA, JetApps was created in 2016 through a partnership between several Israeli and United States hosting software companies. The mission of our joint venture is to create the absolute best cPanel addon software available in the hosting market. Our premier products include cPanel backup software, hosting redundancy software, site migration platforms, and several other innovative, never before created, cPanel hosting productivity applications.

JetApps is made up of three major product offerings: JetBackup, JetMigrate, and JetClone. JetBackup is the leading product in incremental remote backup software. With the ability to backup to multiple destinations, utilize single file restore, and easily sell backup services with our WHMCS module, backing up your company’s data has never been easier.

JetMigrate allows you to split a cPanel account with addon domains into a single cPanel account for each addon domain while automatically detecting known systems and modifying the data structure accordingly. You can also migrate addons and subdomains to a remote server. Detailed reports of all of your accounts are provided after the migration.

JetClone is a never before seen product that allows you to automatically transfer & clone data between two separate cPanel servers. It is easy to install and implements automatic failover at a very low cost. Compared to most other replication services costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, JetClone is the most affordable option for your business.

Utilizing Scrum methodology, our development team places emphasis on collaboration, team self-management and the flexibility to adapt to an evolving business market. Our support staff is available 24/7 via email and is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry! Through our various social media platforms, you can quickly and easily reach us at any time. We welcome your feedback and are always looking for more ways to improve our products and gather ideas on how to help cPanel hosting partners generate more revenue.